A New Move in Echo with “The Belt and Road” Initiative | Bengalese Subsidiary of CHINT Solar Has Been Formally Established
Source: Time:2021-09-29 17:40:53 Author: Browse:180 times

On July 12, 2021, CHINT Solar (Bangladesh) Co., Ltd. was formally unveiled in Dhaka City, Bangladesh. The subsidiary will further make more development efforts for photovoltaic projects according to local market situations in Bangladesh, lay stress on industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic power projects, pay close attention to floating-type photovoltaic power generation projects and fishery-photovoltaic complementation for power generation projects, and spare no effort for partnership with local players.


Bangladesh is rich in sunlight resources. Prior to the debut of this subsidiary, CHINT Solar had already set foot in local photovoltaic projects and actively launched power station project cooperation. As of the first half of 2021, its reserve of power station projects exceeded 500MW in Bangladesh. Formal establishment of CHINT Solar (Bangladesh) Co., Ltd. will follow business ideas on country-specific development and localized management, take full advantage of rich experience of CHINT Solar in the worldwide project development, construction, operation and management over the years, and achieve efficient and friendly collaboration with local partners through professional teams.

For CHINT Solar, PRAN-RFL Group, one of its important partners in Bangladesh, is specialized in full-fledged business lines, such as food, daily necessities production, electronics and engineering. PRAN-RFL Group boasts more than 110,000 employees, self-contained power supply capacity of 254MW, self-owned plant roofing area of 720,000 square meters and a large quantity of land resources. As a powerful local giant, it ranks among the top five in Bangladesh in terms of comprehensive strength. CHINT Solar (Bangladesh) Co., Ltd. will give full play to well-established business networks and localization advantages of PRAN-RFL Group, preemptively seize opportunities in distributed photovoltaic power station market in Bangladesh, and lay a solid foundation for follow-up business development of CHINT Solar in Bangladesh.


As a country along “The Belt and Road” and “Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor (BCIM-EC)”, Bangladesh glories in its own unique advantages, while broad prospects are unfolded by its photovoltaic market. Despite severe epidemic situations in Bangladesh at the beginning of 2021, CHINT Solar Team paid equal attention to epidemic prevention and work progress, overcame numerous difficulties, and went to Bangladesh in the late March 2021 according to the scheduled plan. Team members made careful preparations for the subsidiary and formally kicked off its business operation, thereby vividly epitomizing “CHINT Speed” and “CHINT Spirit”. CHINT Solar (Bangladesh) Co., Ltd. will seize the golden opportunities, vigorously draw blueprints, steadily tap into clean energy market across Bangladesh, roll out more efficient and high-quality products and solutions, give impetuses to the construction of renewable energy in Bangladesh, and further expand the territory of the global photovoltaic power plants envisaged by CHINT Solar.