Rooftop Solar Power Station

Rooftop solar power station is an advanced mode of energy comprehensive utilization, which possesses a vast potential for future development. The principle of generating and utilizing nearby it advocates, can solve the power impairment problem efficiently while boosting and transmitting electricity. Building the power plant on the rooftop of the factory becomes a new energy utilization model, which adds value to the ground as well.
System Features
1. The system is widely used on the rooftop of commercial building and public facility, such as steel roofing, frame roofing, T-shape roofing, etc.

2. The electricity generated by the solar power can be used by the factory, and the excess electricity can be on grid. This utility model can improve power generation efficiency and reduce power consumption.

3. The rooftop solar power station can improve the heat insulation of roof, reduce the indoor energy consumption, enjoy the preferential electricity price and alleviate the summer power limit

4. The reliability of the system can be assured by the cloud service platform of big data and remote monitoring by expert management.

5. Depending on the full electric industrial chain, the one-stop solution can be well provided.
system chart